New cooperation with Mobarakeh Steel Company

Written by doratotaj

The sponge iron produced by Direct Rehabilitation Zone No. 2 Shahid Kharazi of Mobarakeh Steel Company is sent by the material transfer lines to the Development Storage Bins located in the outer area of ​​the Steelmaking Area and adjacent to the Storage Bins of Direct Rehabilitation Zone No. 1 and discharged into the mentioned tanks. Then, the materials stored in these tanks are transferred to this area by transmission lines of inventory materials that start from under these tanks and continue to the steelmaking area. Due to the fact that in some cases, due to the needs of the steelmaking area, it is necessary to send the product of Kharazi area directly to the steelmaking area without storing it, by carrying out this project, to create a direct transmission line from Shahid Kharazi rehabilitation area to steelmaking It is practiced.

News Contex: New cooperation with Mobarakeh Steel Company. Project start date 99/10/01

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