Planning and Project Control

EMC staffs and recruits the best Project Controls people the world has to offer. By partnering with EMC Inc. for your Project Control needs, qualified staff and resources are at your disposal to ensure the strict adherence to "Best in Class" Project Control practices.

The Best and the Brightest Project Control Professionals From Around the World.

Project Estimating

Without an accurate estimate to use as a "baseline", projects are doomed to failure. EMC can provide your initial estimate, or an unbiased second look by a 3rd party. EMC's multi-discipline, field experienced estimators provide a consistent and predictable cost estimate to serve as an accurate baseline regardless of your project's scope.

When we compare EMC Inc.'s estimates to other estimates for projects at the same site, EMC Inc.'s estimates have a higher degree of confidence.

EMC Estimate Accuracy Comparison

Accurate, multi-discipline, field experienced estimators

Project Planning & Scheduling

EMC Inc.'s Planning and Scheduling professionals use the latest tools available to develop and schedule all projects, from a small project to a mega project or a complete project portfolio, according to the planned implementation. Each scheduled activity has a budget, which is tied directly to the schedule, and each project schedule is linked together through our scheduling software.

Our Planning and Scheduling Strategy shows:

1. All Work Has Been Scheduled

2. Critical Paths Have Been Correctly Identified.

3. The Plan Can Be Accomplished

4. The Plan Can Be Measured

5. Schedule Slippage Is Easily Recognized

Fully considered, well focused, resilient, practical and cost-effective.

Cost Control

EMC's Experienced Cost Control Professionals break your project into budgetary work packages based on the original estimate. This integration of cost and schedule measurements ensures a complete evaluation to forecast final results against the project baseline.

Actual project costs are tracked against the budget, and performance trends are recorded. Physical completion data is measured against these trends, ensuring that the current forecasts are always accurate.

Our Cost Control Practices Provide:

A Consistent Measure of Cost Performance

Early Identification of Cost Trends

A Measure of Estimate Accuracy

An Accurate Forecast of Final Costs

Management Of Change

Progress Reporting & Analysis

All projects deviate from the plan, and all schedules change. If your project team is unaware of these changes, they will be a in a constant "reactive" state. The key to exceptional project management is to mitigate the effect of changes by maintaining perspective on the "big picture".

EMC.'s Progress and Reporting Analysis arm your project managers with everything they need to successfully manage your project.

Arm Your Project Management Team by Knowing:

Where You Are Now

How You Got Here

Where You Should Be

What it will take to finish

Change Management & Claims

Changes to the original scope and budget of your project follow strict approval processes, ensuring that both the owner and contractor are documenting and tracking "extras" that were not included in the original scope. For changes to the budget caused by poor performance, change notices are issued as "Trends". This process ensures complete transparency between scope addition and performance issues.